Friday, June 17, 2011

Miscellaneous Musings - Friday edition

1) In a battle between molar fillings and blackberry seeds, molar fillings ALWAYS lose. Always.

2) I am pretty sure the people surrounding me don't realize the extent to which talking is overrated. My boyfriend understands this profoundly, which is one reason why I keep him around. (And by "around," I mean 2,473 miles away)

3) If you think about it, the only time you really read warning labels is in a moment where you're blatantly disregarding them. (ie, "*this yogurt contains phenylalanine, which can be detrimental to your health" I lift spoon after toxic spoon of delicousness to my mouth...) or (WARNING: this air mattress is not to be used as a flotation device)...etc.

4) Taking a natural cleanse supplement is like saying you to spend the next 72 hours having miniature panic attacks. Because you just never know. You are careening down Detox Drive, and the rearview mirrors say, "Restrooms in mirror are farther than they appear." And it is scary.

5) As long as people keep "like"ing what I say on Facebook, I'm going to keep interjecting my comments and opinions on everything. So think before you click, or don't blame me when you get tired of seeing my name pop up in your newsfeed.

6) We spent centuries advancing to the point where we comfortable, efficient, high-tech living situations....just so we could "escape it all" by regressing back to a tent in the middle of the wilderness. Humans are strange creatures.

7) Sometimes I feel bad for water. Because it's so necessary, but so boring.

8) It's weird how a laugh can be bad, and a fight can be good. And also weird to realize that I would much prefer a good fight over a bad laugh.

9) Nine times out of ten, I will eat something I have dropped on the floor. Seven times out of ten, it has visible dirt on it. Guess what...I'm still alive.

10) I want to make paper cup and string phones for our office. They are cheap, simple, and allow the communicators just as much privacy as the phones we have now...

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