Wednesday, June 22, 2011

oh ot

Riddle me this: why is is that the more spoiled food becomes, the more ways we have tried to use it? It goes against all biological programming that tells you how to identify food and drink that has gone bad, and then not to eat it.

Grapes, for example. Grapes were ruined/aka squished into juice. And someone said, "This is tolerable. Let's call it grape juice and drink it."
Then the grape juice went bad/aka fermented. And someone said, "This is tolerable. Let's call it wine and drink it too."
Then, the wine went bad. And someone said, "This is tolerable. Let's call it vinegar and put it on our salad."

It's just strange.

After asking my roommate last night how to tell if bleu cheese is moldy, she laughed and said, "Bleu cheese is mold."
I love the stuff. But that's sick. I've been eating rotten cheese and enjoying it, and I feel like something's a little bit wrong with that. How am I supposed to trust my other "this is spoiled and unsafe to eat" instincts, if I have been failing thus far??

I guess the correct answer would be to raise my glass of spoiled grape juice, say "here goes nothin" and salute the FDA that I'm alive another day to enjoy your moldy cheese...

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